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Throw quickly one or more dice!

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Apps can help you share some hilarious, viral-worthy vids! Make fake prank calls and die laughing with a prank call app. Bring prank calling to another level with creative ways to prank your friends. Find funny animated GIFs to share or create your own. The daily bonus maxes out at tickets — typically. It might take rolls give or take depending on your luck to get that daily jackpot of If you need more rolls, watch ads for one final push to that extra jackpot.

Log in every day to spin their free dice wheel. When you use the dice multiplier, it multiplies the daily bonus jackpot you will get too. What I mean by that is if you rolled a double 3 for both dices on a multiple of 5 then instead of a bonus 50 tickets added, it will actually be bonus tickets added to the daily bonus because of the 50 x 5 multiplier.

That means instead of the daily bonus maxing out at tickets with one multiplier, using it at the max multiplier of 5 means 1, tickets. The negative of doing that is less chance at getting double of the same rolls unless you have loads of rolls. If one could get it. It certainly would be rare; you would need close to a rolls. Basically — if you have accumulated a lot of rolls — and by that I mean more than rolls then start off with a high multiplier first.

Dice and Spinners

Then switch to a basic one when you hit the first double. Generally, at rolls, use the 5x multiplier until you hit your first double. Only use the 5x or 10x multiplier when you have NO double rolls at all. That means all 6 out of 6 are available for you to roll multipliers on.

Virtual Dice Roller Virtual Dice Roller
Virtual Dice Roller Virtual Dice Roller
Virtual Dice Roller Virtual Dice Roller
Virtual Dice Roller Virtual Dice Roller
Virtual Dice Roller Virtual Dice Roller
Virtual Dice Roller Virtual Dice Roller
Virtual Dice Roller Virtual Dice Roller

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