The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2)

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Neighbors From Hell: Managing Today's Brand of Conflict Close to Home -- goes beyond the legal manuals and stories from the front to 1 articulate the suffering and anxiety caused by noisy, in-your-face, trashy neighbors who are multiplying like bunnies, and 2 present genuinely workable methods for managing these childlike adults by lawful and socially responsible means. Peppered with sarcasm and straight talk, the book presents today's communities as war grounds, where the bad guy keeps winning as authorities and better neighbors prove useless in our struggles to feel safe and happy in and around our homes.

Author Bob Borzotta keeps it tight for busy readers, makes it insightful and informative, and offers the first forensic study of what makes these scumbags tick. A former news reporter, Borzotta dealt with his own hellish neighbors, later establishing a global support center for others in his shoes -- seeking answers to an age-old problem on modern-day steroids.

The answers do not come easily today -- police want little to do with neighbor disputes, which is one reason neighbor-on-neighbor violence is so much on the rise. He is fair-minded to all sides, but is decidedly a good-neighbor advocate. His newsletter, Good Neighbors Rule, is among the most widely read by audiences seeking guidance and the media, who regularly consult with him on the subject when covering neighbor stories.

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Manchukuo People Hail Their Emperor

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SW Saga - Scum and Villainy Optimized)

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The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2) The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2)
The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2) The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2)
The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2) The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2)
The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2) The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2)
The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2) The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2)
The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2) The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2)
The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2) The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2)
The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2) The Last Scion of Scoryn (The Hiro Saga Book 2)

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