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While some students might complain that it is at times difficult, because of the limited number of courses, to get the class one wants or needs, or that perhaps a selection of the science offerings are more "pop" than hard science, most have found that being in Honors Programs has been a defining educational experience. Wax is a freelance writer in Los Angeles. The Rising. Honorable Intentions.

The Cardinal of Westwood. The Littlest Bruin. Sensing the Future. Dershowitz, For the Defense. Bruin Walk. External Affairs. When they had finally become a happy family, Monica was killed in a skiing accident. Now, Brand is faced with having to raise their three-year-old daughter on his own. Tessa Duggan's family had been lifelong friends with the Stanfords; and even remained in contact with them after moving out of state.

Tessa kept secrets to herself for nearly 10 years. She'd loved Brand for as long as she could remember.

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Having raised a son on her own, Tessa knows what it's like to be a single parent. When Brand's wife dies in a skiing accident, Tessa agrees to help Brand's mother take care of his three-year-old daughter during the summer. Is it a chance for them to start over again? Or will Brand break her heart the second time around? Honorable Intentions is a warm, sweet, and clean story.

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I love that I can listen to a book and not have to worry about foul language. Susette Williams' characters are what I call "good people". Of course they run into problems just like the rest of us do, they just react in different ways. The narrator, Kevin Clay, does a good job narrating the story, although at the beginning I wasn't sure about him. It didn't take long for me to decide that I liked the voices of his characters.

I look forward to more books by the author and the narrator. I was given this book by the narrator in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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This book was slow moving. It was a nice warm story, but it may have lacked a little substance because of that. The story was an easy listen, and the narrator did a good job. Any additional comments? This is a wonderful story on second chances where two people that were raised together went their separate ways both not truly happy with the outcome. It is a wonderful clean Christian romance on forgiveness and healing. I am sure it will touch you as much as it did me. Tessa has had a crush on Brand from the start at one point she thought they might marry but without a word he ran off and married Monica which hurt her deeply.

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Brand wife dies and he is left to raise his daughter. His mother has health issues and ask Tessa to come help which she does knowing how hard it is to raise a child alone her heart goes out for Brand. She feels she is over the crush she has on him and with the father of her child leaving her she has learnt her lesson on men.

She was embarrassed and hurt when she had to tell her family she was expecting with no father in sight. Being with Brand again she finds her feelings for him has not changed and this is where the story gets very interesting when secretes comes out, hurting some and almost destroying a family. Brand just got to the point where he could love his wife when she died leaving him alone to raise his daughter. When thing calms down he finds he still has feeling for Tessa at one point he asked her to marry him she said no she wants to be loved for herself not just be a stand in mother.

He is about to get his hands full and his heart broken.

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Kevin Clay does a great job on narration with his many different character voices. Each are a treat as he brings the story alive for you. His voice is very pleasant to listen to. You have no trouble understanding what each character is going through with his even tones you know when they are upset, happy or sad. His male voices are a little better than his child or female ones. The pitch of his female and child voices are a little off they do not flow as easy as the male voices do. It is hard for me to say it is a cross between being too high and sounding a little robotic. I would not say it takes away from the narration it was a lovely audio.

His normal voice is very rich, pleasant and easy to listen to as well as his male voices.

With a little more work on the other ones he will be an outstanding narrator. I enjoyed his narration very much and look forward to listening to more from him.

I found this to be a very entertaining read with many twist and turns. For the most part I found this to be a very believable read. Than when she goes home she talks about needing money. I never understood how she could take off not looking for a job and still pay her bills.

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The rest of the story is very believable filled with heartbreak, love, sorrow, misunderstanding and a second chance to find love. At a few parts in the book I was left with my mouth hanging open never expecting the story to go that way. I did not want to put the audio down I really wanted to see where I was taken. I really enjoyed this story very much.

Wonderful story. Nice to her a book and not all the profanity. Will tell all my friends. This book was a good, clean romance. Susette Williams brought Tessa, a young single mother with a huge secret. Tessa visits her Aunt Cathy's ranch every summer with her son Charlie. When she loses her job, Tessa goes to Aunt Cathy's to help her first love, Brand with his 3 year old daughter.


The Earl's Honorable Intentions

Brand's wife died in a skiing accident and he is facing the challenge of being a single father. All kinds of feelings are stirred up, from grief to love. Will Tessa and Brand be able to meld their lives together?

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Will Brand learn Tessa's secret? How will Brand deal with Monica's crazy parents? This faith based story brings us family issues, faith issues, trust and love. Kevin Clay brings his A game again. He never lets me down, keeps me listening! Love his performances with his warm voice. The narration brought the story to life and held my interest throughout. The story was well thought out, complete and will keep you listening.

Honorable Intentions Honorable Intentions
Honorable Intentions Honorable Intentions
Honorable Intentions Honorable Intentions
Honorable Intentions Honorable Intentions
Honorable Intentions Honorable Intentions
Honorable Intentions Honorable Intentions

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