Daughters of Sacrifice

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Because of his sacrifice, Sun Ying was able to get all of her treatments. She reportedly underwent over 30 chemotherapy and 20 radiotherapy sessions without ever compromising her studies, China News reported. In fact, neither her school nor her classmates knew about her condition as she only went to the hospital during weekends.

However, her classmates knew that she had to undergo surgeries and that she was frequently unwell; despite all of this, she still performed well in her studies with outstanding results. Sun Ying, who once was a petite 45 kilograms 99 pounds , reportedly gained 18 kilograms 39 pounds of weight during her sessions and lost all of her hair in the process.

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She also had three relapses in the three-year period of her treatment beginning in to She then suffered a high fever that left her lying in bed for five months, which required her mother to apply for extended leave from her school. And it became a custom in Israel that the daughters of Israel went year by year to lament the daughter of Jephthah the Gileadite four days in the year.

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Here he is, trying to offer God a sacrifice for winning the war, and it turns out in about the most horrific way imaginable. Quite reasonably, this is the sort of passage that a lot of nonbelievers find horrifying. How is that okay? The people had stopped obeying God or even their judges the military rulers who were periodically raised up.

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He was also a polygamist with many wives and at least one concubine Jdg. Samson is famously betrayed by one of his female friends, Delilah.

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Even the Levites the priestly tribe are depicted as having concubines leading to events in Judges almost too ghastly to repeat. Turning away from Mosaic Law towards Canaanite law had horrifying implications, because their pagan practice that included human sacrifice. The Law had specifically warned the people not to adopt the morality of their Canaanite neighbors and enemies, as these people were so debased as to sacrifice their own children Deut.

What, precisely, did Jephthah intend to vow? None of this is new. What do we make of this?

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How much time do you believe LeBron James sacrifices to watch television instead of seeing his son? How much time do you believe he sacrifices travelling to road games instead of seeing his son?

People look at LeBron James and they see the greatest basketball player to ever step on the court. They see the championships. The MVPs.


The Sacrifice (#03 in Abram's Daughters Series)

The endorsements. The day road trips. The late nights in the gym. The early mornings in the weight room. When was the last time we celebrated someone Binge-Studying their k for a weekend?

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Reading leadership books? Planning their financial future? We only celebrate the ultra-successful for their accomplishments, not for the sacrifices it took to get there.

Daughters of Sacrifice Daughters of Sacrifice
Daughters of Sacrifice Daughters of Sacrifice
Daughters of Sacrifice Daughters of Sacrifice
Daughters of Sacrifice Daughters of Sacrifice
Daughters of Sacrifice Daughters of Sacrifice

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