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Dealing with Addiction

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Individuals are both created by and give rise to their cultures. Not only does no one become an addict in. Without addicted laborers, some of whom were paid in kind for producing the very substance to which they were addicted, the global markets in tobacco and caffeine products, such as coffee and tea, could not have arisen, not to mention the smaller but significant opium, cannabis, and coca markets. Low wage-earning fast-food workers often take advantage of readily available cheap and fast food, saturated with fat and salt, because it suits both their schedules and their incomes.

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A Change of Venue for Addiction: From Medicine to Social Science

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Ewen and E. Jaynes and R. Williams, Jr. Helzer, G.

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Canino, E. Yeh, R. What are the beliefs and attitudes of these groups? Given my exposure to these groups, which beliefs and attitudes did I adopt?

Which of these beliefs and attitudes are helpful? Which ones are not? Do you belong to one of the cultures where families typically model moderate alcohol use? In these cultures, drinking does not typically occur for the sake of getting high. Rather, it occurs in the context of a meal, ritual, or celebration. This includes the cultures and sub-cultures of Russia, Ireland, Scotland, and various US college campuses and fraternities, to name just a few.

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Another sociological influence is society's social sanctions, and the severity of those sanctions. This can include both formal and informal sanctions. Formal sanctions are usually codified laws. For instance, what are the legal sanctions for alcohol or drug use in your country?

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As of , Portugal decriminalized all drug use while Singapore punishes drug users more severely than the United States. Informal sanctions are more social in nature.

The Culture of Addiction

If you get drunk, do people shun you the next day? Or, do they laugh with you about it? Tom Horvath, Ph.

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Epner, Ph. Consider who "my people s " might be: Race and ethnicity Income Social status Educational background Sexual orientation Employment Geographic region Rural or urban resident Gender Religion Age National origin Disability status Military or veteran status Medical status Mental health status Personality characteristics Special interest groups Citizenship status e.

Here are some questions to consider as you think about your cultures: Do "my people s " view themselves as defeated and deprived? Do we live life from a depressed and hopeless perspective?

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  4. Cultures of Addiction Cultures of Addiction
    Cultures of Addiction Cultures of Addiction
    Cultures of Addiction Cultures of Addiction
    Cultures of Addiction Cultures of Addiction
    Cultures of Addiction Cultures of Addiction
    Cultures of Addiction Cultures of Addiction
    Cultures of Addiction Cultures of Addiction

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