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That the universe loves us.

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That there is wealth and health for everyone. That we only have to put the right thoughts in our heads to make these dreams real for us. What would your life have looked like if your parents and teachers would have taught you the truth?

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You would have suffered much less! You would not have believed you were less than nothing. You would not have been filled with fear over your ears of getting sick or failing, of being stupid or being not good enough. If you would have known from the beginning that you were a creation of the Creator, that you will always remain, that you will always be around, that you were created for a reason, and when you find this reason you will be happy, what would your life look like now?

If you were told that you had talents, unique qualities, that make you a special person, and that you are on earth with the mission to offer these talents to others, where would you be right now and what would you be doing now? The Genius who created this whole thing did really well : we are sent to earth with a mission and to be able to assume our mission we are already fully equiped from the beginning : we are gifted with natural talents and all we have to do is develop our talents and offer them to the world!

Simply said, we have to do what we can do easily already and what we are talented for, and than happiness, satisfaction, love, money and everything we want comes flowing our way! It is so beautiful, this concept! All we have to do is to do what we love! All these thoughts are wrong because they go against the principles of creation of the Universe. We are already wonderful! We are already loved! We are already rich! We are already free!

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The Purpose of a Woman: Being the Woman that God Created me to be

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Camp Background "Created To Be Me" is a tightly designed ecumenical camping program focused on spirituality and sexuality. Camp Purpose To provide soon-to-be ninth grade youth with factual and spiritual sexuality education that will help them view sexual intimacy as a gift from God intended for loving lifelong committed relationship. Camp Format. Daily Keynotes Campers receive a keynote address every morning focusing on the humanness of Jesus, God's love, forgiveness, and plan for their lives; and our responsibility to walk with Jesus to free the oppressed in our world sex trafficking.

Workshops Evening workshops on anatomy, puberty, sexual orientations, conception, abstinence, dating, peer-pressure, STIs, HIV, and contraception are presented. Fellowship The usual fun camping activities like swimming, crafts, games, dance, and fellowship are all a part of this very special and unique camping experience. Meet Our Keynoters!

Created to be Me Created to be Me
Created to be Me Created to be Me
Created to be Me Created to be Me
Created to be Me Created to be Me
Created to be Me Created to be Me
Created to be Me Created to be Me

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